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Aeromagnetic Survey

By utilizing a drone to collect magnetic anomalies (pipes, UXOs, etc), you can save an incredible amount of time and money and making the data collection so much safer. During our last project, we were able to get the job done in half the scheduled time and at a fraction of the cost. Our aerial magnetometer has the capability to detect for any ferrous anomalies both surface & subsurface levels. 


Software partners

Conducting a large-scale drone operation is no small feat and one solution is generally never enough. See how 2cofly partnered with SPH Engineering to get our job done effectively.

Use Cases

UXO Detection

See where the underground ferrous anomaly spikes are in rapid turnaround time. Rather than having a person go through a field, have a drone fly over it to collect this data. 

DJI M300 RTK with Sensys R3 magnetometer
Aeromagnetic surveying in Guam
DJI M300 RTK with the Sensys R3 Magnetometer
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