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Point Cloud

A point cloud is a three-dimensional data representation composed of a multitude of points in space, where each point corresponds to a specific location in the real world and carries information about the geometric attributes of the surface or object at that location. These points are typically obtained through 3D scanning technologies such as LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) or photogrammetry. The collective arrangement of these points forms a comprehensive digital model, capturing the spatial details and structure of the scanned environment or object. Point clouds find extensive applications in various fields, including computer graphics, robotics, urban planning, virtual reality, and manufacturing, enabling precise and detailed representation of physical spaces or objects for analysis, visualization, and simulation purposes.


One data to many outcomes

Point clouds are a fundamental base layer of data that can be processed further using software for a variety of end deliverables, like create a virtual reality, generating surfaces, analysis water flow and more.

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Use Cases


3D environment where you can get a wholistic view of an area, measure, annotate, plan and make general calculations. 

X, Y, Z and RGB

Point clouds are hundreds of millions of points that represent reality. It contains X, Y and Z information. Utilizing drone systems, we are able to add an additional key piece of information: RGB. Having RGB info per point brings life and color into the model, making it look more like reality. 

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