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Joshua Hauge: From Intern to Pilot

by Greg Barnes

Josh passes his Part 107 knowledge test

We at 2cofly would like to congratulate our intern, Josh Hauge, for passing his Part 107 Aeronautical Knowledge Test today!

Joshua Hauge | 2cofly intern

Josh has been with us for one month to the day. He came on board with us January 28, 2022, knowing nothing about 14 CFR Part 107. Today, February 28 — precisely one month after joining us — he took and passed his Part 107 test with the FAA. That is quite a feat, and we commend Josh for a job very well done!

The very first day Josh came into our office and we met him for the first time, we asked him a few random questions about 14 CFR Part 107 regulations. The difference between the little he knew then and how much he knows now is stark.

Gaining this knowledge and passing the test is a fundamental part of Josh’s internship with us and provides the foundation upon which the rest of the internship (actual drone flight, orthomosaic mapping, LiDAR mission planning and execution, etc.) can be built.

Joshua practicing drone flight on a simulator

Last Friday, we assisted Josh every step of the way through scheduling his test, including signing up for IACRA, obtaining his FTN, and booking the test through PSIexams. Today, after taking and passing his test in Tiyan, Josh returned to the 2cofly office where we assisted him in applying for his remote pilot certificate.

Dr. James Ji | University of Guam
Dr. James Ji | University of Guam

Dr. James Ji, Assistant Professor of Management and Director, Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at University of Guam, also applauds Josh on this occasion.

“I am incredibly proud of Joshua as being the first intern to come out of University of Guam’s SBPA BA 482 course to pass the Part 107 Certification to become an officially licensed drone pilot! I also thank 2coFly for partnering with the University and C4EI to develop the workforce surrounding the exciting industry of drones. Congratulations, Josh!”

Over the past month, Josh has also become proficient in the operation of our in-office drone simulator. Watching him on day one struggle with basic controls was very different from watching him today as he zips through an entire course, beating all the bots in the process. This is yet another stark difference which underscores the progress Josh has made.

It is our pleasure to continue working with Josh as we now begin moving him into hands-on flight with a real drone, and planning and execution of more complex operations. We will continue to post periodic updates on Josh’s progress, including significant milestones in his progress such as these.

Once again, congratulations, Josh!


blog written by

Greg Barnes

Operations Manager

(671) 689-7939

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