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Topographic Survey

Topographic surveys are one of the most time consuming and costly services in Guam & the Micronesia region. Depending on the site conditions and total acreage, this could take weeks or even months to complete by the traditional method. By utilizing drones, we can speed up this process dramatically, cutting costs and delivery time by half or better. 


How it works

There are many ways drones can support a topographic survey. Depending on your end needs and on the site conditions, we can either complete it fully with drones or support a licensed surveyor to speed up their process.


Make informed decisions

LiDAR or Photogrammetry?

Topographic maps can be generated using either a LiDAR sensor or by the photogrammetric method (RGB sensor). Photogrammetry will generally produce a much more accurate topographic data on hard surfaces like pavements and roads. LiDAR will outperform in vegetated areas as the lasers can collect ground data even through tree canopies. 

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Topo survey for military radar development

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Pre-post change analysis

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Understanding site conditions

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