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Benefits of drones

Why transition to drone technology?

Adopting a new way of doing things and integrating new technology to your operations means facing the unknown, so this is a natural question to have - especially when the current way of doing things are working. But just because current methodologies are working doesn't mean it's the best way, in terms of efficiencies and effectiveness. 

Technology will continue to evolve whether we are ready to adopt it or not, but those who do will reap the benefits and maintain a strong competitive edge as a result. We would like to share some benefits of drone technology and how it may make sense to make the transition.

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Primary benefits

Regardless of what industry a drone may serve, it will brings these key global benefits:

1. Autonomy - you can program the flight path, which brings precision and reliability

2. Speed - in terms of collecting data, drones can collect it more accurately and faster than any human can

3. Interchangeability - Drones are not the solution in and of itself. It carries solutions interchangeably, whether it be LiDAR, thermal, RGB, magnetometer, or your next meal

4. Efficiency - Drones bring an innovative way of getting things done and producing results, lowering cost and increasing your bottom line

Now that we understand some of the global benefits across all industries, let's look at the value adds for specific sectors.

Construction Site


Drones provide tremendous value to the construction industry, as it can touch all phases of construction - from bidding & pre-planning, planning & design, execution and progress tracking. Also, it digitizes all your documentation for easy access and sharing across all stakeholders. 

  • Land Mapping - drones can produce highly-accurate topographic maps such as digital elevation models (DSM, DTM), orthomosaic maps, contours. The efficiency of drones allow you to shave days or weeks off of traditional methods.

  • 3D - visualize your site from a new perspective of 3D. Get rich 3D point cloud data for analysis or further processing, or a beautiful 3D model and share with remote stakeholders.

  • Site Inspection - Sending manned crew to inspect the site, roof or equipment is not only time consuming, but dangerous. Drones can provide high-res imagery for remote visualization and inspection.

man and pannels


Drones can bring efficiencies to the energy sector with safer, more frequent and faster inspections and data for analysis. Drones can perform a thermal survey and collect radiometric data over wide areas and hard-to-reach places. 

  • ​Solar panel thermal survey 

  • Building and housing rooftop

  • Identify overheating equipment in electrical plants, substations and towers

  • Pinpoint water leaks and energy inefficiencies 

  • Scan building electrical equipment, such as breaker panels, fuses, bolted connections, and switchgear

  • Visual inspection of equipment with high-res RGB sensors

Dirt Construction Site

Stockpile Management

Using drones, we can provide the most efficient and cost effective method to determine the quantity of materials in your stockpiles. Track equipment and material usage precisely during projects. Analyze data more frequently at a lower cost with on-demand data. Get accurate stockpile data within days:

  • ​Area

  • Cut

  • Fill

  • Volume

man and pannels

UXO Detection

Traditional methods of UXO surveying can be time consuming and can cost upwards of tens of thousands of dollars per acre. With drones, we can integrate a metal detector or a magnetometer to detect for ferrous items underground several times faster and cheaper than the traditional method. We can also program the drone for autonomous flight to ensure accurate sweep of the area for reliable results.

  • Metal Detectors - can detect small to large UXOs, both ferrous and non-ferrous

  • Magnetometers - can detect small to large ferrous UXOs at a greater depth


Why us?



We are fully compliant with the rules & regs of the FAA. We are 107 certified and have airspace authorizations all throughout the island. We also have airspace authorization for AAFB's Class D airspace!


Deep flying experience

Let's face it. Drones are classified as aircrafts and is not a toy. Safety is our greatest priority and we are proud to say after two years of flying with over 500 commercial flights, we have a 0-crash record and we plan to keep it that way.


Quality equipment

We invest in only the greatest tools out there to get the job done as best as we can. We use both the RTK and PPK system to obtain centimeter-grade accuracy and we are in fact one of the first 100 people to obtain the Propeller AeroPoints 2.


Community matters

Drones are a new commercial tool in Guam's economy and we are at the forefront of building the drone community here. We are founders of the FB group, "Guam Drone Pilots" and are one of the organizers for Guam's "Drone Industry Launch" event.



Drones are a platform capable of hosting various solutions interchangeably. Today, we may use RGB sensors, magnetometers, etc, and tomorrow we may use the latest and greatest tech. We have the infrastructure, capability and know-how to integrate and offer new tech.



2cofly is locally owned and operated. We are one of the first and few drone companies in island, leading the way for a new industry.