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About us


Our Story

Up until 2020, the drone industry in Guam was primarily composed of recreational flyers. While other countries, notably the mainland U.S., were leveraging drone technology across various industries, Guam lagged far behind, utilizing drones primarily for aerial photography and videography. The other islands in the Micronesia region were even further behind in adoption.

That's when our founders saw an opportunity, and 2cofly (pronounced ecofly) was born and had their focus on one specific industry: AEC. 


Growth of an industry 

Within just one year of business, 2cofly received a large contract to conduct an aeromagnetic survey for a substantial solar development in Guam, along with other construction-related projects. This early opportunity enabled 2cofly to grow rapidly, expanding from a single drone and sensor to a fleet of drones equipped with various sensor solutions. 



Small, training drone to large DOD-approved Blue UAS platform


We utilize 4 primary sensors: LiDAR, RGB, thermal & magnetometer


45+ FAA authorizations and waivers granted, including Airport operations


While we are based in Guam, we service the entire Micronesia region


acres mapped


miles flown with drone


flights conducted


students trained

Mentoring Pilots

As the industry grew, the pilot base in our region needed to grow with it. 2cofly has committed tens of thousands of dollars into developing a Part 107 curriculum to support the growth of our local pilot base. 

2cofly is currently the only drone company in our region to offer a full online course to teach students to become an FAA Part 107 pilot. 

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Safety is No. 1

The FAA classifies drones as aircraft, so operating a drone isn't as simple as buying one off the shelf and flying it. There are safety factors to consider, rules and regulations to follow, and a considerable amount of education and training needed.

Hiring the right pilot team and the right organizations with a high standard of safety makes all the difference. 2cofly's chief pilot is one of the most experienced drone pilots in Guam and is also an FAA Safety Team representative for our region.


Our Mission

To deliver business efficiencies using drones.

Our Vision

Leverage drone technology to advance industries in the Micronesia region.

It's efficiency without compromise.

When we save time or money, there's typically some compromise in quality. With drones, you save time and money while increasing productivity, obtaining richer data, and unlocking a whole new way of doing things.

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