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Spearheading the growth of a new industry in Guam

At 2cofly, we do things right.

The FAA classifies drones as aircrafts, so operating a drone isn't as simple as buying one off the shelf and flying it. There are safety factors to consider, rules & regulations to follow and lots of education & training needed. 

Our pilots are true professionals, who are not only certified Part 107 remote pilots, but authorized to fly in almost all areas of Guam. The National Airspace System is made up of different classes of airspace and special authorizations are needed to fly in certain areas. We have flown in the most restrictive places in Guam, including the Guam International Airport and the FAA Air Traffic Control Tower. Our pilots are also FAA Safety Team representatives for Guam.

Guam Air Traffic Control Facility

We're invested in training & education. 

We're not just focused on growing our own organization; we're focused on growing the industry as a whole. For a new industry to grow, it needs to grow responsibly and attract young, creative minds. We have partnered with the University of Guam and have established an internship agreement to train students on commercial drone operations in Guam. As one of the leading drone companies, we see it as our responsibility to train & develop responsible drone pilots. 

Our Mission

To deliver business efficiencies using drones.

Our Vision

Integrate drone technology across multiple industries in the Micronesia region and to provide compelling career opportunities for our youth.

It's efficiency without compromise.

When we save time or money, there's typically some sort of compromise of quality. With drones, you are saving time and money while increasing productivity, getting richer data and unlocking a whole new way of doing things. 

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