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Delivering business efficiencies with drones

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Orthomosaics are a high resolution 2D representation of the project area that is geometrically accurate. Orthophotos are essentially a combination of hundreds, if not thousands, of overlapping photos that are stitched and corrected for distortion, camera tilt, perspective and topographic relief. 


Orthomosaics can be imported to CAD or GIS system to map, measure, overlay contours and/or DEMs. It gives you the most up-to-date overview of your site, unlike Google Earth which may have been taken years earlier. 

Orthophoto over Google Earth

Google Earth Integration

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Overlay GIS data


Analyze your site's terrain with Digital Elevation Models. There are two types of DEMs we can produce with drone mapping: 

Digital Surface Models

Digital Terrain Models

DEMs are a 3D representation and model of a terrain's surface.


Point Clouds

Point Clouds are a set of data points in a 3-dimensional coordinate system. Each point has an x, y and z value. The unique thing with drone collected point clouds over traditional methods are that the data is very dense with thousands of highly-accurate points. 

Centimeter-level accuracy is obtained through the use of ground control points collected with our industry-grade RTK GPS system.

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Import to AutoCAD

3D Models

Dive into the digital world with 3D models. These provide tremendous value in site visualization and can give a unique perspective to the viewer. This can also keep remote stakeholders updated and informed. 

2cofly hosts all 3D models online free to our clients for easy access, sharing and viewing. You may experience the 3D model at our head office with a VR setup for a life-like experience.



Drones have the unique ability to produce solutions in various aspects. As it is nothing more than a platform, it can carry many sensors interchangeably and can keep up with new technology as they come. Here are some other deliverables we offer with drones currently. 

  • Stockpile management - cut/fill analysis and volumetric calculations

  • UXO detection - Using metal detectors or magnetometers to survey for magnetic anomalies in your site

  • Inspections - We use high quality RGB sensors that can output 4K imagery for remote visualization 

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