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2cofly awarded LiDAR contract in Pohnpei

FSM Petroleum Corporation (Vital) Awards Data Acquisition Contract to Guam-Based 2cofly for Hydro-Plant Development in Pohnpei

2cofly's drone coupled with an aerial magnetometer
2cofly's drone coupled with an aerial magnetometer

July 5, 2024 – FSM Petroleum Corporation, commonly known as Vital, has awarded a data acquisition contract to 2cofly, a leading drone service provider based in Guam. This contract involves utilizing drone LiDAR and photogrammetry sensing technologies to support Vital's hydro-plant development project in Pohnpei.

The survey will cover an expansive area of over 6,000 acres across various regions in Pohnpei. To achieve this, 2cofly will deploy several advanced drones equipped with RGB and LiDAR sensors.

2cofly's team, which includes skilled drone pilots, a civil engineer, and a licensed surveyor, will be on-site in Pohnpei for a minimum of one month, with the survey scheduled to commence on July 12, 2024.

This project underscores the significant advantages of drone technology. By employing drones, the data acquisition phase of Vital's development will be significantly expedited and cost-effective compared to traditional methods. The data collected will serve multiple purposes, including pre-engineering analysis, operations planning, visual GIS base layer creation, point cloud simulations, and more.

The drone industry in the Micronesia region is rapidly expanding, with 2cofly at the forefront of growth in the construction and engineering sectors. The company has successfully completed numerous missions for private organizations, government entities, and the military.

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