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Press Release: 2cofly Partners with Drone Optics | Part 107 training

Drone companies partner to cultivate new, certified drone pilots

From left: Dong Won Lee and Teddy Estrellado signs an agreement

Tumon, Guam: 2cofly and Drone Optics Guam announced today that the companies have entered into a strategic partnership that will work together to educate aspiring drone pilots in the Micronesia region and to grow our own drone pilot network.

The agreement brings together two drone companies based in Guam to work together for a common goal - advance the drone industry in Micronesia. Drone Optics Guam is a drone retailer and service provider, and 2cofly is a drone service & education provider focused in the construction industry.

“We are excited about the growth of certified pilots for Guam to grow the industry, since 2017, we are committed to supporting business on Guam and solutions like this support that goal,” Teddy Estrellado, technical director at Drone Optics Guam

Customers of Drone Optics Guam will now be able to take full advantage of 2cofly’s online course and get lifetime access to all current and future Part 107 training material.

“I think it’s important for us drone companies to work together and share our unique resources to cultivate and grow our drone pilot network out here in Guam, because this not only benefits our companies but benefits the industry as a whole.” Dong Won Lee, co-founder of 2cofly

About 2cofly

From left: Greg Barnes, Dong Won Lee, Joshua Hauge, Andrew Park, Emmanuel Carino

2cofly is a local Guam-based drone service provider headquartered in Tumon, which specializes in remote sensing, aerial mapping and more. Our mission is to deliver business efficiencies using drones and our core focuses are assisting construction companies in their work, and educating the next generation of drone pilots.

2cofly regularly produces articles and videos that are meant to be not only informative and educational, but entertaining. You can follow 2cofly on Facebook and Instagram @2cofly, on YouTube under “Drones in Guam,” and at

About Drone Optics Guam

From left: Teddy Estrellado, Aila Olarte

With a sharp focus on technology. Drone Optics provide a wealth of experience and expertise with drones and cameras as a service and create a real ‘Value’ to their customers. They are also Guam’s only DJI retailer for both consumer and enterprise products. Drone optics is also relied on by both drone pilots and companies for drone repair services. You can follow Drone Optics on Facebook and Instagram @droneopticsguam and their website at


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