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3D modeling with drones

3D model of the Guam Air Traffic Control Facility
3D model of the Guam ATC

3D modeling via drones make way to Guam with 2cofly (Ecofly) spearheading this new type of service. Dong Won Lee, co-founder and drone pilot at 2cofly becomes the first (and only) drone pilot to get approved to fly in Guam's Air Traffic Control Facility, which is normally a highly restricted no fly zone. Through a series of approvals, including getting a COA, approval from the FAA security and FAA ATC manager, he was able to create a 3D model of the tower.

3D model is simply a three-dimensional representation of reality created by a series of overlapping aerial photos captured with drones. These models are useful for a variety of purposes to a variety of people. 3D models can be viewed online with a 3D viewer and is interactive where you can zoom in, zoom out, rotate and even explore using a VR headset.

The first and simplest use of a 3D model is for purely visual purposes - to visualize a site, a building, or an area in the digital world. This is great to share with people online, for marketing purposes or just for general entertainment. 3D models are intuitive, fun and new. It gives you a completely different and unique perspective of an area.

Another great use of 3D models is for construction professionals. It's a great way to visualize your site in a single glance, update all stakeholders remotely, do linear measurements, volume calculations of stockpiles and use for general planning purposes. Check out the video we created of a 3D model fly through.

Using an online 3D model hosting company like SketchFab, 3D models can be shared easily to co-workers and you can make annotations for them to review and act on. It can be viewed on a desktop and a mobile phone. 2cofly (Ecofly) offers free hosting of 3D models we make for our clients.

The cost and turnaround time

No two 3D models are alike. Creating a 3D model of a flat piece of land is completely different from making a 3D model of a building. The workflows differ in that with modeling upright structures, different flight paths have to be flown to ensure good coverage of facade detail.

Generally speaking, we can produce a 3D model within a couple weeks. Depending on the size of the area, we can even do a same-day turnaround. This is usually for construction sites where there are not many upright structures and where the visuals of the model aren't as important. We have created 3D model of a 100-acre piece of land within just 2 days! (one day data acquisition, one day post processing)

For marketing purposes where visuals and detail is extremely important, manual "clean-up" of the 3D model is needed to make the overall model look nice and pretty, which adds to the time and cost. 2cofly's 3D model of a local hotel has been featured in Pix4D's social media networks. We take our work very seriously with great attention to detail.

Prices can range as low as $300 for a simple 3D model of a small area to several thousands, depending on the complexity of the mission.

Take a look at some of the 3D models we have created:

Give us a call or e-mail us for a free quotation or consultation. 2cofly provides 2D & 3D mapping, UXO scan, orthomosaic map, inspection services and more.

2cofly (Ecofly)

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