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From Classroom to Pilot: How Winston Cutshaw Became a Drone Pilot at 16

Winston Cutshaw with a DJI Avata drone
Winston Cutshaw with a DJI Avata drone

Winston, a recent graduate of Guam High School, has cultivated a strong passion for aviation, both manned and unmanned. His journey began in fifth grade when he purchased his first drone, and his interest has only intensified over the years.

During his junior year at Guam High School, Winston's enthusiasm for drones took a significant leap forward when the school launched its inaugural drone program in partnership with 2cofly. This program offered much more than recreational drone flying; it provided a thorough curriculum covering drone aerodynamics, weather patterns, airspace regulations, and safety protocols. Winston quickly excelled, demonstrating a natural aptitude for both the technical and practical aspects of drone piloting.

I was always interested in starting a drone business, and once Commander Bowling announced there was a drone program where you can get commercially licensed by the FAA and it was free on top of that, that's when I knew I had to jump on board. - Winston Cutshaw

Students learn the FAA Part 107 regulations
Students learn the FAA Part 107 regulations

The initiation of Guam High's first drone program, under the leadership of Commander Bowling, presented students like Winston with exceptional career opportunities and valuable life skills.

As a result of this program, Winston obtained his FAA Part 107 certification and will soon be joining 2cofly in a large-scale project in Pohnpei, where he will be working alongside other drone pilots, engineers and surveyors. This project involves conducting a LiDAR and photogrammetry scan over more than 6,000 acres for a hydro-plant development. At such a young age, Winston will be learning advanced drone operations and contributing to an exciting initiative.

Following the Navy’s direction to promote STEM among its NJROTC cadets, Guam High School NJROTC elected to pursue Drone training for some of its cadets. We chose 2cofly who was able to provide training to 11 of our 16 year old cadets. The training was extensive and included a visit to the Air Traffic Control Tower at the Guam International Airport, and a trip to one of the flight schools [Aire Services] at the airport. One of the enthusiastic cadets, Winston Cutshaw, earned his Part 107 license and then went on to complete the Air Force’s AIM High flight academy the following summer. - Commander Bowling

The cadets visiting the ATC and flight school
The cadets visiting the ATC and flight school

The significance of earning your Part 107 certification, especially during high school, cannot be overstated. Just as computers have become indispensable tools for people from diverse backgrounds, drones are now providing remarkable efficiencies across various industries. As technology advances, the capabilities and applications of drones continue to expand and improve.

Looking ahead, Winston aspires to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, with the goal of eventually founding his own drone manufacturing company.

Drones represent a vital skill for the future. From development and operations to service and manufacturing, there are numerous opportunities for individuals with diverse interests to engage in this growing industry. It all begins with obtaining your FAA Part 107 certification, and we encourage everyone to pursue it.

We hope Winston's success story serves as an inspiration to other high school students to pursue not only their Part 107 certification but also any challenges or aspirations that may seem daunting.

Here's Winston's advice to students trying to pursue their Part 107:

I recommend to try and understand the information given as much as possible. There’s going to be a lot of small details that you will have to memorize, but as long as you understand why they are there it will all make sense.

Instructors from Aire Services gives a talk to the cadets
Instructors from Aire Services gives a talk to the cadets

For individuals who would like to pursue their Part 107, please visit for an online test prep course or join our upcoming in-person workshop in August!

For schools who would like to partner with us to offer drone training, please email

Other drone companies and organizations currently operating in Guam

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