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Joshua Hauge starts internship with 2cofly

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

by Greg Barnes

2cofly recently signed an internship agreement with the University of Guam and is excited to welcome Josh Hauge, our first ever intern! Josh is a 4th year senior on the path to getting his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.

As of the beginning of his internship, Josh does not know any drone regulations and is only somewhat familiar with the capabilities of what a drone can do (and that’s only because he watched some of our videos online!). He has never flown a drone and is not familiar with any aspect of the inner working of drone operations.

Through this new internship agreement with UOG, we at 2cofly have the chance to take a person fresh into the industry and see how far we are able to take their knowledge. Learning a lot is important, but applying that knowledge and developing real skills out of it is even more important, especially when you're working with a small unmanned aircraft system (sUAS). We are truly excited to jumpstart Josh's path to becoming an FAA-certified Part 107 Remote Pilot.

UgCS Enterprise, UgCS Pro, UgCS Expert, DJI M300 RTK
Greg teaching Joshua the drone software

On Josh’s first day in the 2cofly office, after giving him no advance notice, we sat Josh down and interviewed him on-camera to ask a number of questions. At the end of his internship, we will ask the same types of questions, making a clear distinction between his answers in the beginning and at the end. As his internship draws to a close, Josh will be well-versed in the 14 CFR Part 107 regulations, certified with the FAA as an sUAS pilot, familiar with the capabilities of a drone, experienced in various drone operations, proficient at flying a drone manually, and more.

Flying right is a very important concept for us at 2cofly. Bad drone pilots — who lack care and safety standards while flying — make a bad name for all drone pilots, cause the community to respond to drones with fear rather than excitement, and prompt the government to implement even heavy restrictions. Since the commercial drone industry is so new here in Guam, the players in that industry must build it right. We at 2cofly pride ourselves in helping to build this industry right, and we expect all of our pilots and employees — and even our interns — to do the same. For this reason, we stress how important it is to be familiar with the regulations, have high safety standards, be professional and knowledgeable as a pilot, etc.

Josh’s dad is the owner of IDC Construction in Guam. With 2cofly’s focus on bringing efficiency to companies in the construction space, Josh is confident that he will learn skills here that he can use to make his father’s operations more smooth, should he choose to go down that path in his career.

We look forward to this internship, and on filling you all in on Josh’s progress!


Blog written by

Greg Barnes

Operations Manager

(671) 689-7939

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