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Demolition Monitoring

Tracking the demolition 3 times per week

Taking an aerial photo shows a great deal of detail of a given site, especially when compared to taking one from the ground with your iPhone. But what's better than taking an aerial photo? An Orthomosaic Map.

Orthomosaic Map

An orthomosaic map is a 2D representation of an area that is corrected from the effects of terrain relief or camera tilt/angle to produce a unified, scaled map. No matter where in the map you look, it'll show as it you're looking straight down from above. This is created by taking hundreds, if not thousands of overlapping photos that are stitched together by a photogrammetry software.

By georeferencing the map with ground control points, they can be used as map layers in GIS, overlay contours or DEMs, planning and updating all stakeholders, take accurate linear measurements, do as-built vs. as-designed comparison, spot potential hazards, analyze stockpiles, display operations, or for deep analysis.

They serve as a great form of site record-keeping/documentation to go back to, or to settle disputes on whether a work was done or not on a certain day. It also gives you the most up-to-date visualization of the site, rather than looking at a year or more old low-resolution Google Earth representation.

Project Use

For this progress monitoring project, the goal was to compare and track the demolition across a period of months. In order for us to overlay these maps accurately on top of each other, we needed the data to be in the same coordinate system (tied to a known reference point), which meant ground control points were required.

Our drone team utilized a mapping drone with Propeller AeroPoint 2's and created a geo-referenced Orthomosaic Map 2-3 times per week over a period of 8 months. Creating this data provides so many use cases:

  • Real time data for updates across all stakeholders (local and remote)

  • Historical documentation 2-3x per day. This showed the entire job site in incredible detail

  • Map for planning purposes. Managers are able to use a map like this to plan for the day, update the team on the progress made so far, make annotations and notes and share it virtually.

  • Measurements. As this map achieved both absolute and relative accuracy, you're able to measure linear distances with extreme accuracy

  • Analyze progress. As you have 2-3 updated maps a week, you're able to calculate how much work is being done and determine whether or not deadlines are being met and make real time adjustments.

  • Marketing. With so many maps, you can use all or any one of them to print out or use for general marketing purposes.


2cofly is a full service drone service provider in Guam and Micronesia. Our company has two primary focus areas: construction and education.

We work primarily with construction and engineering firms and offer:

  • Orthomosaic Mapping (+ Planimetric Mapping)

  • Topographic Mapping (via LiDAR & photogrammetry)

  • General LiDAR Mapping (land feasibility study, power line, etc)

  • Aerial Inspection

  • Aerial Magnetometry (underground metal detection)

  • Part 107 education and drone training

Our drone deliverables, however, benefit a multitude of industries, including insurance, architecture, government, military, archaeology and more. Let's discuss how we can help you! 

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