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Tumon LiDAR Data

2cofly scans the entire Tumon village with LiDAR

What makes our Tumon LiDAR data truly unique is we combined the science of photogrammetry with LiDAR sensing; we used two sensors to output our unified dataset. How it works is, we use our LiDAR sensor to output extremely dense 3D point clouds (hundred of millions of points that has X, Y and Z information), and use the RGB sensor to colorize the point clouds. In the end, we are left with amazing point cloud data that has X, Y, Z and RGB information.

The reason drone technology is so revolutionary and disruptive is because it allows us to do things we previously were never able to do.

Who can use this data? Literally anyone can use and benefit from LiDAR data.

  • A kid going through the data for fun

  • An engineer who wants to further process the point cloud data for flood mitigation

  • Mayors office who can go through the data for planning and development

  • A game developer who needs a base-layer data to design from

  • A developer who wants to make linear measurements

  • A curious person who just wants to see the layout of Tumon

  • A researcher who wants to conduct a tree count

  • A real estate agent assessing the buildings and neighborhood

It doesn't matter who you are; you can use this data however you'd like! If you're an industry professional, you can process the data even further to suit your needs.


2cofly is a full service drone service provider in Guam and Micronesia. Our company has two primary focus areas: construction and education.

We work primarily with construction and engineering firms and offer:

  • Orthomosaic Mapping (+ Planimetric Mapping)

  • Topographic Mapping (via LiDAR & photogrammetry)

  • General LiDAR Mapping (land feasibility study, power line, etc)

  • Aerial Inspection

  • Aerial Magnetometry (underground metal detection)

  • Part 107 education and drone training

Our drone deliverables, however, benefit a multitude of industries, including insurance, architecture, government, military, archaeology and more. Let's discuss how we can help you!

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