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Valley of the Latte Archaeology

LiDAR data reveals interesting features

Valley of the Latte is a cultural site where old Latte Stones were found. Only less than 10% of the land has been cleared, so there is lots of potential for further discovery and study.

2cofly worked with Valley of the Latte to conduct a LiDAR scan to review the bare earth in hopes to find further hints of past civilization.

After producing a surface, trails going up the mountains as well as other interesting features were found. The data is currently being looked at by professors at UOG.


2cofly is a full service drone service provider in Guam and Micronesia. Our company has two primary focus areas: construction and education.

We work primarily with construction and engineering firms and offer:

  • Orthomosaic Mapping (+ Planimetric Mapping)

  • Topographic Mapping (via LiDAR & photogrammetry)

  • General LiDAR Mapping (land feasibility study, power line, etc)

  • Aerial Inspection

  • Aerial Magnetometry (underground metal detection)

  • Part 107 education and drone training

Our drone deliverables, however, benefit a multitude of industries, including insurance, architecture, government, military, archaeology and more. Let's discuss how we can help you!

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